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For each project undertaken, Founder and Chairman, Howard M. Schoor, will provide guidance in assembling a team of experienced individuals with professional licensing where required.

This coordinated approach will be directed to the specific needs of your project.  With Howard’s personal involvement and underlying proven track record in banking, land development, engineering and home building, he brings the broad based and unique wherewithal required in these difficult times.

Howard’s hands-on approach over a successful 40-five year career brings a thorough understanding of real estate and land development issues necessary for a comprehensive understanding of underlying value.

Upon being retained, we will provide a very specific program and checklist addressing the complicated and ever-changing real estate pre-development and development process as related to the subject endeavor.

With prior specific experience as both a builder/developer and municipal engineer, Howard offers valuable insight on matters of bonded improvement and surety bond releases.

Never before has there been a need for this type of detailed services which lenders require in today’s challenging real estate environment.

How often has one of your loans, projects or investments been jeopardized because someone relied on inaccurate information regarding permits and approvals?

Have you been disappointed by depending on the standard appraisal approach that failed to incorporate detailed, accurate, technical and regulatory evaluations?

When faced with a troubled asset or investment, can you accurately assess the value of the existing improvements on the property?

Government regulations, Wetlands, Buffers, Storm Water Management, the questionable economic outlook, cost overruns, delays…..the problems you face in evaluating any real estate lending or investment situations are more complex than ever.  Is it tough out there?  You bet it is!

Construction and land development projects exist at every stage – from preliminary proposals to completed buildings – many have problems.  In each case, when you have difficult decisions to make, help is here through the experience of HMS Consulting, LLC.

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