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A Gift to Non-Profit Organizations: Howard Schoor

Warren Buffet… Bill Gates… George Soros… There are many famous philanthropists who are in the headlines on a regular basis for their do-good work. And then there are the not-so-famous philanthropists who quietly behind the scenes go about their work for non-profit organizations. Howard Schoor is one of the unsung heroes for non-profit organizations.

Howard Schoor has spent a lifetime doing his bidding as a philanthropist and humanitarian, changing countless lives with his charitable endeavors. Through his efforts, he has donated and raised millions of dollars for the charities he holds closest to his heart. These charities include the Collier Youth Services, the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County, the Heritage Affiliate of the American Heart Association, Centra State Healthcare and many other worthy groups.

For more than two decades, Howard Schoor has been devoted to Collier Youth Services and the Collier Youth Services Foundation, which he created in 1989. The importance of Collier Youth Services is unmistakable because it provides both at-risk and challenged children an opportunity to reach their potential in a caring, suitable environment that caters specifically to their special needs. Howard Schoor has been instrumental in facilitating the growth and achievements of Collier Youth Services throughout the years. He has served as President of the Board of Directors of Collier Youth Services for 20 years.

To an organization like Collier Youth Services, Howard Schoor is one of the most famous philanthropists in its eyes – so much so that the Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund was created. The Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund benefits the children and families of Collier Youth Services who have additional needs that aren’t taken care of by other resources. It is yet another avenue through which Howard Schoor continues to give back to those most important to him. To learn more about the work on non-profit organizations by Howard Schoor, click here.

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