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Charity Fundraiser Howard Schoor Gives Back to Center for Holocaust Studies

When it comes to giving back to the community, charity fundraiser Howard Schoor has his hands full… and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As a dedicated charity fundraiser, Howard Schoor, philanthropist and humanitarian, has thrown his support behind countless causes including the Collier Youth Services, the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County, the Heritage Affiliate of the American Heart Association, Centra State Healthcare and more worthy organizations. On the top of his long list of charities is the Center for Holocaust Studies at Brookdale Community College. Founded in 1979, the Center for Holocaust Studies provides speakers, film series, book clubs, curriculum and other programs to raise awareness and remember the persecution of the Jewish people.

Throughout the years, the Center for Holocaust Studies at Brookdale Community College has been embraced by the community and continues to flourish. Howard Schoor is proud to have been able to make his mark at the Center for Holocaust Studies. In addition to his work with the Jewish Foundation of Monmouth County, Howard Schoor has also been recognized by the Center for Holocaust Studies. In 1999, he was chosen as an honoree for the Center for Holocaust Studies at Brookdale College. Theypresented Howard Schoor with a Testimonial Dinner and Journal Tribute for his contributions, dedication and support.

“Howard Schoor is one of the extraordinary, quiet leaders in our Jewish community who has never sought recognition and is a man who lives by his actions,” said David Nussbaum, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Monmouth County.

Money raised at this event was to be used to help send four American teachers each year to Vad Yashem, where they will learn to teach about the Holocaust to students in the United States.

Funds also will be used to underwrite the Annual Howard Schoor Film Series.

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