Rooms with a View: The Chapin Estate Catskill Mountains by Howard Schoor, Real Estate Mogul

Howard Schoor, real estate expert… Howard Schoor, engineer… Howard Schoor, land development guru. Howard Schoor is a man who wears many hats… and wears them all well. Relying on his vast expertise in real estate and land development, Schoor culled all of his capabilities to create the stunning Chapin Estate in Catskill Mountains in New York.

There’s no denying that home is where the heart is, especially for those who reside in The Chapin Estate in Catskill Mountains. A true visionary, veteran engineer Howard M. Schoor wanted to create a refuge for people looking to escape the daily hustle and bustle of city life, a place that’s defining characteristics are privacy, tranquility and breathtaking beauty. Under the umbrella of his Woodstone Group, he did just that by developing the famed Chapin Estate in Catskill Mountains. The Chapin Estate is located in the heart of beautiful Bethel, New York and is home to picturesque luxury homes that are second to none.

Howard Schoor, real estate magnate, wanted to create a community that showcased and embraced all Mother Nature has to offer — from natural wooded areas to stunning views. And so the Chapin Estate in Catskill Mountains was born, thanks to Howard Schoor. Real estate opportunities like those presented in the Chapin Estate are hard to come by. Imagine the social elements of city life with the upscale, on-site Chapin Estate Lake Club set in the heart of this charming community.  Hiking, fishing and boating are all within reach with the neighboring 2,000 acres of Swinging Bridge and Toronto Reservoirs. Other area projects near the Chapin Estate have included the $100 million Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and the Museum at Bethel Woods and the Monticello Motor Club.

Throughout his tenure as president and CEO of the Woodstone Group, Howard Schoor’s land development endeavors have made a community such as the Chapin Estate a reality. Howard Schoor’s vision to build a community that embodies the wants and needs of any type of lifestyle comes shining through in the Chapin Estate. Although there is something different for everybody, one thing that remains the same across the board is Howard Schoor’s commitment to excellence.

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